During a webinar last week, a CEO stated that ,even though the lockdown on movement and resumption of work(due to Covid 19) has been lifted in Lagos,he has mandated his staff to continue to Work From Home till further notice.

Work From Home is one of the disruptions presently confronting Employer and Employee relationship in the marketplace.

How many Employers have a   foolproof Work From Home Policy to deal with this sudden emergency?

Among others, the above mentioned policy should clearly deal with below issues,to avoid legal tussles between Employers and Employees,namely ;


* Eligibility & Non discriminatory Application of Work-From-Home Policies

*Monitoring of Performance ,Productivity and Communications


* Compensation and Benefits

*Overtime hours-Computation and Payment

*Meal and Rest Breaks

*Work-From-Home Equipment Requirement, Infrastructure and Expense Reimbursement.

*Reporting Time Requirements

*Sick Pay

*Occupational Safety and Health

*Disability Accommodation

*Working “From Home” vs. “Remotely”

*Employee Personnel Records

*Insurance Coverage Issues

*Company Security-Documents ,information and Data Privacy

*Corporate Governance issues


* Etc

In view of recent happening ,this Work From Home trend is likely to continue for a long time ,the sooner an Employer puts this policy in place the better.


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