On Friday 10/7/2020,I settled down with one of my daughters(12 years old) in Lagos to watch  one of the AWARD WINNING  News Television Stations.By 7.51pm a lottery advert was aired (the advert contents made it look like lottery was a socially attractive activity to engage in).I was taken aback and several questions ran through my mind .Are there no bodies regulating lottery adverts in Nigeria ?If there are ,why should they approve and permit lottery adverts to be aired on TV when Minors are expected to be watching TV?Who should correct this anomaly.

In Nigeria,several legislation on lottery advertising exist but do not show that they are abreast with the GEOMETRICAL growth of the lottery business and no tangible evidence exist of the seriousness to sanction and deter advertising lottery to minors(persons less than 18 years).

The Advertising Practitioners Council of Nigeria(APCON) , is the body empowered by Law in Nigeria to Regulate Advertising in all ramifications(see ADVERTISING PRACTITIONERS (REGISTRATION, ETC.) ACT
CAP. 7 LFN 1990 ACT CAP. A 7 LFN 2004)

Truth most be told that the APCON Act /Code has several provisions that can be used to prohibit the indiscriminate broadcast or publishing  of lottery adverts in mass media in Nigeria but this provisions are not being implemented effectively , monitoring is almost non existent and  HEAVY sanctions on defaulters are hardly evident.

This is a RED FLAG to ensure that our minors are protected from indiscriminate lottery adverts lest we wake up one day and see Billboards displaying Lottery Adverts in front of our children schools encouraging them to play lottery to get rich quick .

In addition ,we will like to recommend that APCON review the provisions of the APCON Act to accommodate the under-listed to  immediately regulate this menace ;

1.CENSORSHIP-Ensure that all Lottery Adverts displayed in any Advertising platform BOLDLY display Parent Guidance and viewers discretion symbols i.e 18+ and also state that they are harmful to minors.

2.Broadcast time for TV  lottery adverts should be from 10pm  and from 8pm on radio.

3.A chapter should be created as SPECIAL PROVISIONS to regulate LOTTERY ADVERTS like that created for Alcoholic Beverages,Tobacco Products,Medicals,Cosmetics ,Political Advertising etc

Advertisements are created by Professionals to stimulate the interest  of the people exposed to it  and influence them to take action.

I am not sure that we want lottery advertised  to our minors as the actions they might take at that impressionable age will not be socially responsible.


IMAGE CREDIT TO Defence for Children

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